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PE Coated No-Woven Fabric
PE Coated on Non-Woven Fabric:
PE Coated nonwoven is usually made from spun-bond consisting of polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber that is then coated with another material.
It is often used as a backing or stabilizer for different materials in the construction and Medical industries. The advantage of this material is better breaking strength, surface moisture resistance, water resistance, filtration efficiency, and anti-synthetic blood penetration. 
Construction: The construction industry uses nonwoven, usually spunbond, coated with polyethylene for waterproofing in wet rooms or as wind and moisture protection outdoors. Coated spunbond is also used as a vapor barrier. With different coatings, you can create different densities and levels of permeability. Our products are HouseWrap and Roofing Underlayment. 

Absorbents: Because the material can block liquid but allow moisture in, it is often used for bags of moisture or odor absorbents e.g. in the packaging and transport of food products or clothing. 

MedicalIt is mostly used for medical and hygiene cloths such as surgical gowns, isolation gowns, disposable protective clothing, etc. it's cheap than PP spunbond non-woven fabric. 

We offer different levels of density air and liquid permeability for indoor, wet room, and outdoor applications.

Among other products, we have coated spunbond that allows moisture through but blocks liquids. Our coated spunbond is available in rolls up to 3.0 meters in width and up to 15,000 meters in length.
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