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As a manufacturer specializing in the production of agricultural and farm textiles, we use the latest technology and materials to produce a variety of high-quality products to meet our customers' different needs. Our biodegradable black and silver plastic agricultural mulch film is made of environmentally friendly materials, which not only increases soil temperature and humidity to promote plant growth, but also does not cause any pollution to the environment. Our red mulching film for strawberry tomato has excellent air permeability and UV resistance, which can effectively prevent pest and bacterial infestation, and improve crop yield and quality. The greenhouse plant grow tent is made of high-strength materials, with good waterproof, UV resistance, and breathability, which can provide a stable environment for plant growth and protection. Our high-density aquaculture tank is made of PVC fish tank and galvanized sheets fish aquarium, which can provide customized solutions according to different fish species and breeding needs. The rice farm anti-insect net, pest control net, and anti-hail net are made of high-strength materials, which can effectively prevent pest, bacterial, and natural disaster infestations and protect crops from damage. The plant protection fleece, garden weed barrier, agriculture and flower shade cloth, and harvest collection net are all made of high-quality materials, which can provide effective protection and support for plants. Whatever type of agricultural and farm textiles you need, we can provide the best solution to meet your needs.
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