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Double-Wall Dropstitch

DWF(Double Wall Fabric), which it is with 3D hollow structure. By using 3D weaving technology, the two layers of base fabric are connected together with the pile yarns. Due to the different ways of the pile yarns, the surface shape can be a pattern like wavy (W shape), starry, linear, and other surface shapes can be customized such as X shapes. Since each pile yarn thread has got the same length which define the maximum distance between the two base fabrics, DWF keeping of the desired shape of the hollow body - a dimensionally-stable surface, smooth and excellent flexibility.
High tensile polyester base fabric + Multiple layer PVC Lamination
PVC Film Weight
Base fabric weight
Matte / Custom print
2130gsm (+/-200)
Tensile Strength (single layer)
1800 × 2000 N/5cm
Tearing Strength (single layer)
600 x 500 N/5cm
Adhesion Strength (single layer)
120 N/5cm
Recommended Air Pressure
15PSI (lbs/inch2)
Maximum Air Pressure
20Psl (lbs/inch2)
Temperature Range
Flame Retardent,Anti-fungal,Reach
Double-Wall Dropstitch have below Features:

- 3D Hollow Structure: 
Lightness, dimensionally-stable, provide unprecedented creative space for designers in the next 10 years. 

- Smooth Surface: 
The equally stress distribution, suitable hardness. 

- Excellent Air tightness: 
It can guarantee the normal use of more than 6 months after inflated one time under the worst beaches exposure environment. 
- Isolation Ability: 
It can easily achieve isolation, soundproof and other functions. 

- Safety: 
High tension strength, High tear strength, High stiffness give high compressive strength and obdurability, Durable that cloud folding resistance more than 10000 times.
Double-Wall Dropstitch can be sued for the below applications:
Inflatable boat 
- Bottom Mattress
- Inflatable Swimming Pool
- Air Deck
- Sup Board
- Air Mat
- Gymnasium Mats
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