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CategoriesPoly Film & Sheet
BrandTAIMEI Tarpaulin Shade Fabric Manufacturer
Weld distance330≤A<1000mm
Tensile Strength of Welding Points≥100N/cm
Tensile Strength of Connection of Cells≥120N/cm
Tensile Strength at Yield of Each Sheet≥20N/cm
Update TimeMay 29,2023
Detail Information


Geocell Grid Panels (Plastic Geocells) are well known that an ideal soil material for use in civil engineering applications is one that compacts well and drains water freely. The problem is that the better draining soils are difficult to confine in place. Our Geo cellular confinement system provides a solution. It is being widely used in construction, such as highway, railway, bridge, dyke, etc.

HightWeld distanceThickness of the Sheet Tensile Strength of Welding Points Tensile Strength of Connection of Cells Tensile Strength at Yield of Each Sheet
(mm)(mm)(mm)(N/cm)(N/cm) (N/mpa)
50330≤A<1000≥1.1≥100≥120 ≥20
75330≤A<1000≥1.1≥100≥120  ≥20
100330≤A<1000≥1.1≥100≥120  ≥20
150330≤A<1000≥1.1≥100≥120  ≥20


  • Reduce Fill Required
  • Eliminate Rutting
  • Support Heavy Loads
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • Utilize Local Fill
  • Perforated Cells

Colors Available:

  • Black

  • Orange

  • Grey


  • Geocell

    Ideal soil material for use in civil engineering applications


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