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Ball Bungee

Ball Bungee
Ball BungeeBall BungeeBall BungeeBall BungeeBall Bungee

Ball Bungee

BrandTAIMEI Outdoor Fabric Manufacturer
Update Time2021-07-24
Detail Information


Elasticated ball ties are a great way to prolong the life of your banner, The cord takes the majority of the stress caused by the elements and reduces damage to eyelets and banner material.Ideal for tarps, canopies, shades, sleeping bags or other fixed points.


Quickest and easiest way to fasten items together.

No hooks or metal fasteners to scratch or damage.

Can be used to roll hoses, cords, ropes and wires.

Manufactured In A Wide Range Of Colors.

Shock Cord Inner Material Multicore Natural Extruded Rubber.


Available Fabric:

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