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Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net
Mosquito NetMosquito NetMosquito NetMosquito NetMosquito Net

Mosquito Net

BrandTAIMEI Tarpaulin Shade Fabric Manufacturer
Update TimeMay 29,2024
Detail Information


Mosquito Net, keeps mosquitos and other bugs out, yet allows a cool breeze in - for comfortable, natural protection and a peaceful night's sleep. As well as a bed use it over a sun lounger, hammock and a sleeping bag while camping - for the best insect protection without DEET or other harsh chemical repellents.


The weave is much smaller than most nets you have. There are a few very tiny bugs that have gotten thru at night though.

The canopy covers variety of models of bed easily, including baby bed (crib netting), single bed, twin full queen, double bed, king size bed.

It is light and flexible and the installation were easy.

It has pretty lace detail at the top. It will looks great in your daughter's princess room.

From ceiling to cover the floor, more effective to anti-mosquito and bugs.

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