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Plant Protection Fleece

Plant Protection Fleece
Plant Protection FleecePlant Protection FleecePlant Protection FleecePlant Protection FleecePlant Protection Fleece
CategoriesAgriculture & Farming
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Update Time2021-02-28
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Agriculture & Farming

Our durable horticultural fleece creates a perfect micro-climate, allowing light, air and water to pass through while providing superb protection from frost, wind, hail, insects and birds. Great for organic gardening, helping protect crops from certain pests without the use of pesticides. Horticultural fleece can also help to bring harvests forward in Spring.


Protection against light frosts whilst raising soil temperature by several degrees

Protects crops from frost, wind, hail, pests and birds.

Winter protection for forest trees, seedbeds, sports turf areas, herbaceous plants, alpines, herbs, vegetables and hardy nursery/greenhouse stock.

High translucence with excellent air and moisture permeability.

Use as a weather booster to bring spring forward.

Early harvests, increase in yields and improved quality produce.


Available Fabric:

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