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What is the Flame Retardant Level of our Tarpaulin Fabric?

What is the Flame Retardant Level of our Tarpaulin Fabric?

Update Time:2022/3/28
Basic Knowledge Flame Retardant
The first thing we need to know is that all polymer based fabrics will burn when they are subjected to sufficient heat. 

Flame retardants are added to plastics fabrics or coating layer to either reduce or slow down the flame spread. In some cases they even extinguish the flame if there is no more external heat. In other words flame retardants will only create extra time to escape from the location where fabrics are on fire.

For Polyethylene and Polypropylene fabric, we usually add the flame retardants additive to both base fabric and coating layer. And polyester based fabric, we will only add to the coating layer. 

Flame retardants are not able to make polymer fabrics inflammable,  they will only change the flammability!
Taimei uses following types of flame retardants for its products:
A standard flame retardant, available in white colour only, no UV stability (limited lifetime compared to non FR!). Significantly lower mechanical properties compared to similar non FR qualities. This classic brominated flame retardant is not environmental friendly.

An UV stable flame retardant, available in any colour even in transparent, reasonable UV stability of between 100 to 200 Kly, no changes on the mechanical properties. Environmental friendly.
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