December 6, 2017

Installing Silt Fencing-One Way to Prevent Soil Erosion

Silt fencing are fences made with a permeable fabric, held up by stakes pounded in the ground. The bottom of the fabric is trenched into the soil so water cannot undermine it, and although the fence will not stop water flow, it will redirect it, and decrease its speed. Often, silk fences are backed up with hay bales staked to the ground to help filter water that makes it through the silt fence. This is especially true where silt can cause issues with waterways.

Silt Fence Installation
Install a more secure silt fence faster and easier with the silt fence installer attachment. Meet erosion control regulations and avoid costly fines. The silt fence installer is the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to install silt fence. Simply load the fabric into the quick-threading installer, roll into the ground and drive – the silt fence unrolls itself. A quick change cap – mounted on the end of the silt fence installer – includes a spring-loaded plate which ensures proper tension on the fence roll, keeping the roll from accidentally unwinding while on the job. And the coulter wheel slices through the turf and roots of the working environment.

silt fence installation
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